Welcome to the homepage of our Association for Eastern Church Music (VOM).

We play an active role in creating a tradition of Orthodox Liturgical Chant in German language based on different existing traditions of Eastern Church Music. The handy booklets with the liturgical texts published by Archpriest Aleksei Mal'cev and the choirbook for divine services in the Orthodox Church are examples of our work.

If you are looking for

  -  printed music or liturgical texts in the German language for Orthodox divine service

  printed music in the original language, within the varied traditions of the Eastern Church

  - general information, or recorded music to cover all themes in the liturgy of the Eastern church

  -  advice, support and co-operation for all projects involving such music,

then please get in touch with us. Here you will find competent partners.


On this website you will find information and examples from the work we undertake: 

  -  collection and classification

  -  compilation and editing

  -  preservation and development.


In addition you will get to know our association better, which is not subject to any church jurisdiction. We see our activity as a service to everyone who wishes to make use of it.